Hey there, my name is Josh Walker and I'd like to be your friend. I thought it would be helpful to explain why any of this is happening. A few years ago, I did something a little strange. I watched a bunch of YouTube videos, got inspired, and ordered a box of Free Hugs t-shirts and then wore them every single day for a full year. Yep. 365 days. It changed my life. Not just "kinda" changed it. Nope. Full on life-altering changes. (you can read a bit more about that by clicking here) So in the year and some odd months since, I've been quietly planning and preparing to use the gifts, skills, and community I have around me to do something more.


& Stories?

I like to believe that we know way too many humans that have never felt allowed to believe that their story truly matters. But the truth is, they do. Your story matters, my story matters, the stranger that just passed by me in this coffee shop as I write this, her story matters. When push comes to shove, we're all just walking around on this big ole' hunk of space gas hurtling through the universe and every beating heart is valuable beyond measure. 

There's a huge dream behind all of this. One that has involved years in ideation, education, and preparation to begin building the foundations of this. It's going to involve coffeehouses, screenprinting shops, and creating places for those without refuge to be held close. But at the start of the day, it all begins with people. It all starts. right. here. with you. It starts with one simple t-shirt.

"The World Needs More Hugs" felt like a great message to start with. It's handprinted in a small shop here in West Palm Beach on super soft, great fitting t-shirts. I mean, let's be real, no one likes to wear a cruddy quality tee. Each shirt costs $10 to print, another $10 in stickers, packaging, fees, etc... and then, from each and every one sold, $5 will be going to Inner City Innovators. A non-profit organization dedicated to ending the cycle of gun-violence and youth delinquency in West Palm Beach, Florida. It's run by a human that I'm blessed enough to call my brother, Ricky Aiken (he's the guy I'm hugging in the top picture), and a bunch of other amazing folks who are helping to create real change in the community. 

The response has been so strong that within a day of getting the first print run of shirts done, I'd been back down to just a few left. Shirts are now in-stock and ready to ship! You'll be some of the first to wear the shirts and I can't wait to begin seeing packages hit doorsteps from coast to coast.

More. Hugs.

The shirts are unisex and fit great!
White w/ black print is 52% cotton/48% poly
Black w/ white print is 90% cotton/10% poly

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